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From Failing On Facebook (Twice) To Spending $20K Per Day

This client had tried Facebook twice before, and failed both times.

We gave them the high-performing creative, targeting, and account structure they needed to be successful - and were able to scale to profitable $20K days within 4 months.

Ariel says: "We went from just a concept of a campaign to launching it, testing it, and then being able to scale it very quickly.

We never have to worry about the mechanics of what's going on. 

In the past, I spent a lot of time thinking about audiences that we should be targeting. That hasn't even been a moment of worry.

Ariel Faulkner-O'Brien, Chief Marketing Officer, Punchbowl

"We grew from a $30k business to a $400k business in 5 months"

We grew our client Rabble Wine by 13X in just 5 months using custom landing pages, Facebook user-generated content ads, an a bundling strategy. 

Kristen says: "We hired you to do paid social and you did so much more than that for us.

Our goal was to rev things up, drive growth, and you did exactly that."

Now, they're celebrating an acquisition & launching a new brand! 

Kristen Russ - Head Of Marketing, Rabble Wine

"It's just been an incredible upward trend"

We scaled Jared's business by over 400% year-on-year, giving him his first ever million-dollar quarter in Q4, at a 3.5 ROAS. 

"Since you guys have taken over Facebook, Google, and email, we've seen growth in all aspects of our business, both in spend but also in ROI"

He's had to hire more staff & buy new printers, and he's struggling to keep up with demand.

We're aiming to give this mapmaker his first ever million-dollar month in December.

Jared Prince - Founder / CEO, Muir Way

No Marketing BS, No Big Egos, Just Real Results...

Jewelry Brand Scaled By Almost 300%

Print-On-Demand Brand Up 400%

CPG Brand Up Almost 200%

Food & Beverage Brand With Consistent 130% Year-On-Year Growth

Ready to grow your 
purpose-driven brand fast?
Let's be real - there's a lot of noise in the agency space.

We're sick of it too.

Are you tired of...
  • Agencies that overpromise and underdeliver?
  • "Marketing bros" who don't understand your brand?
  • Flaky freelancers with no loyalty or accountability?
  • Feeling like you have to set the whole strategy yourself - and you're sure you're leaving money on the table?
Now, imagine your business if you had...
  • A diverse team of purpose-driven eCommerce experts who have your goals in mind
  • A clear roadmap to exactly what you need to do to drive rapid, profitable growth
  • Accountable, transparent reporting and regular check-ins
  • A pathway to growth - so you can finally stop worrying about your ad accounts!
What Are You Waiting For?
Customer acquisition costs are rising, and Black Friday's just around the corner. You need a plan.

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Why Work With Us?
There's so much BS, fake gurus, and noise in the agency world - I'd be surprised if you weren't a little skeptical.

You're probably wondering:

🤨 What do we know that the other guys don't?
🤨 Can you trust us to represent your brand?
🤨 Will you see a return on investment?

When I got started in marketing, I was new to the States and had a $500 credit card.

I had to make something work before I hit my limit - and, luckily for me, I did.

But marketing's difficult to learn, and expensive to fail at.

I understand how it feels to be a brand owner, not sure whether your marketing efforts are working, not knowing who to trust.

That's why we're laser-focused on providing the highest-quality marketing services, to brands we want to see succeed.

We treat your brand as if it's our own, and spend your money like it's our own.

There's nothing worse than not trusting your marketing agency - and trust us, we've seen it all.

At big agencies, we've seen...

❌ Purpose-driven clients getting left with junior, inexperienced account managers.
❌ Businesses being misunderstood and their brand voice disrespected.
❌ Ad accounts left unmonitored for weeks at a time.
❌ Account managers only thinking about one aspect of the business, and not taking a holistic look.

That's why we're different.

I am confident that we've built one of the strongest teams in eCommerce marketing in the US, and potentially the world.

We look at every aspect of your business, and know how all the channels work together.

We bring all our resources and experience to bear on each account.

And we don't rest until we move the needle.

So what are you waiting for? 

100% Obligation-Free, No Cost Session - Limited Appointments Available

"There's No Better Agency I'd Recommend"

"Since working with Loop Club, we've seen growth in all aspects of our business, both in spend and in ROI as well. It's been excellent!"

- Jared Prince, Founder / CEO, Muir Way
$100M+ Of Purpose-Driven eCommerce Experience

We have one of the most experienced teams in eCom. 
Check out our leadership:

Brian Ma, Head Of Growth

Brian was the Head Of Growth at Cleancult and Barkbox, where he took both businesses from 0 to multiple millions a month in ad spend - and tens of millions of revenue. 

He's obsessively focused on moving the needle and driving real ROI, and leads a team of A-player media buyers.

Nneji Akunne, Head Of Retention

Email & SMS should be driving between 30% and 50% of ALL your revenue - but most purpose-driven brands are sleeping on it. 

Nneji's built fashion & lifestyle businesses from the ground up both in the US and in Nigeria, and worked on high-volume, high-revenue email programs at H&M, Beats By Dre, and Live Nation. 

She leads a team of marketing all-stars who'll build the foundations of your retention program, then continue to deliver growth.

Mars Wright, Creative Director

Everyone focuses on media buying, but in reality creative is responsible for 60%+ of your ad's performance. 

Mars has grown his own TikTok and Instagram accounts to 60k+ followers, as well as built his own eCommerce business. 

He's responsible for helping you make on-brand, high-performing creative that drives revenue and builds massive brand equity.

Tim Keen, Founder / CEO (that's me!)

I made my first dollar online in January 2018, and have grown rapidly since then, driving millions of dollars in revenue and leading to fundraising and acquisitions for brands like Trophy Skin, Grass Roots Coop, and Hammitt Handbags. 

I now lead a team of some of the world's best marketers working exclusively on purpose-driven Shopify eCommerce stores.
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